An online poll is a survey in which participants communicate their responses via the internet, often by answering a series of questions on the internet. 
The designer of the online poll can leave it open for everyone to answer or restrict it to a specific group of people providing flexible, convenient, and time-saving way to learn about public opinion. The polls are free, simple to establish, and instant.

Next Com is a digital and marketing communication agency, which is part of Next Media Group has embarked on online polls to amplify discussions on relevant matters such as cyber laws, climate change, Uganda at sixty, Computer misuse amendment Bill, Music, Nyege Nyege among others. So far it has been smooth sailing they say as more and more people engage with the polls

Danze Edwin, Head of Digital Marketing at Next Media swears by the accuracy that comes with online polls, “The back-end data that the online platforms have, have segmented you already as male or female. We have access to tools that tell us which area you are in, which sex you are and what you are interested in.”

Clifford Mugerwa, Digital Manager at Next Com points to the fact that polls have been used to make big business decisions, ” Elon Musk got his insight to buy Twitter from polls!” This is the reason you should go ahead and vote online if you get the chance. Danze adds that if you do not vote, the decision makers will decide for you.

The duo has urged businesses that are stuck and don’t know how this works to just come to Next Com for assistance, the team is comprised of experts who will carefully curate the right questions to pose to entice the right audience to vote and you can trust that you will get real time data

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