Next Com Poll on Kenya

The Kenyan elections have been a topic of discussion in Uganda, where many people were under anxiety, expecting prices to rise even further if something goes wrong.

On August 15, with many people glued to their televisions, William Ruto’s election as Kenya’s future president was eventually confirmed. More so, when Raila Odinga appeared to protest the results, he pledged to use the legal system, this means Uganda, a land locked country can still import and export through Kenya.

Kenya Decides Elections

Prior to the announcement of Ruto as the people’s choice in Kenya, we run a poll on Twitter for people to predict who would be the next President in Kenya, the predictions put Ruto in the lead with 49.8%, this was almost accurate, in the real polls, Ruto won by 50. 49% against his counterpart Raila who scooped a near 48.85%

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