On 21 May 2022, it was a historic and successful first-ever Uganda Musicians Association Debate. Contestants had to lay on the table their manifesto. The event was organized by Next Productions Limited and the Online presence was managed by Next Com, we were honored.

In the presidential race, there is Cindy Sanyu (incumbent), Lord Bitem, and King Saha, however, Saha didn’t make it for undisclosed reasons.
In the Secretary-General race, there is a hilariously funny Omukunja Atasera, Allan Toniks, and the incumbent Phina Mugerwa Masanyalaze. The deputy presidential aspirants are; Kalifa Aganaga, Kusima Irene, and Hanson Baliruno.

On Sunday, the social media space was ours to rule, the top three hashtags on Twitter were #NBSUMADebate, #UMADecides2022, and #UMAElectionsDebate. It was a successful event.

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