Zocol, a Ugandan premium photography firm, celebrates persons living with disabilities (PWD), under the theme “Not All Disabilities Are Visible”, through a staged photo exhibition titled “We Can Do It”, set to happen on the 17th December 2021 at the Nomo gallery. 

Marked as the international day of the Persons with disabilities, 3rd December celebrations stretch into more days as Uganda’s prominent innovator, Isaac, seeks to unleash the despised ability within the people living with disabilities. Mr. Isaac Henry Muwanguzi, the director of Zocol photography and profound documentary photographer, envisions celebrating People living With Disabilities through his outstanding eye for photography, as executed over the years, with outstanding imagery photography workpieces that seek to defend the inclusiveness and equity advantage, of the unseen ability, of the PWDs within societies.

“My passion for serving People Living with disabilities sprouts from my experience sharing work stations with many of a unique kind and as one living with a disability. However, not all disabilities are visible and seen by multitudes. Being unable to communicate with my sister who understands sign language, for such a long time, I consider this being a disability,” hosted by Shamim Nabakooza, Isaac speaks out during the NBS Tv Morning Breeze show. 

As he spoke to the NBS TV, Head of Communications and Public Relations, Mr. Mugumisa Dereckford asserts, “Purpose precedes all, on our path to valuing society figures. All humans have a vital contribution to society, both in the seen and the unseen realm, according to their strength and abilities. Our hope, as always, stands to support all people attain where their supernatural abilities and giftings can be put into play. And through this information, we transform.” 

As we extend love and support to the PWDs, Zocol Photography invites all people to attend and have an experience beyond the predictable. Powered by NBS TV and Next Communication, the exhibition shall be brought to you live on NBS TV and the Afro Mobile app. 

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