Informing to transform Uganda can not just be insinuated in our mission tagline as a Group or as a slogan for NBS Television – associating with it calls for action, and that is exactly what “Taasa Obutonde means to us; an opportunity to act.

Through our campaign, we have consistently unpacked the dangers of the irresponsible use of plastics and the impact of the disposal on the environment, human and animal life by especially highlighting the role we as Ugandans play in this destruction.

The three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, are central to the “Taasa Obutonde” campaign, and the involvement of partners such as the Plastic Recycling Industry (PRI) has been priceless for us.

“The rate at which our environment is being wasted, if I could put it that way, is shockingly high, and all the support that we can get on CSRs like Taasa Obutonde is very much appreciated, in fact priceless. The work they do for this nation, although not so publicized, is very commendable,”

The Plastic Recycling Industry (PRI) is the largest processing plant for waste plastic in Uganda. It is affiliated with Coca-Cola. At PRI, waste plastic is transformed into flake products which are mostly sold to foreign markets. These are then used to manufacture a range of products like polyester fibers (a base material for the production of clothing, pillows, carpets, etc.), polyester sheets, strapping, or back into PET bottles. Trucks regularly move to this place to offload plastic collected from different parts of the country. The plastic is shredded into flakes at the processing plant and packaged ready for export or local use.


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